Enter Svorinn

While this role-playing game is primarily run as an online, Play-by-Post campaign, there is no reason why you should not also try your luck in the world of Svorinn.

Below, you will find links to adventures you can play alone and from the comfort of your home. Other than an internet connection, you will need:
1. Dice: Many role-playing games use strangely shaped dice, and this one is no exception. You will need a standard, six-sided die (often abbreviated as 1d6) but also a twenty-sided die (1d20), a twelve-sided die (1d12). a ten-sided die (1d10), an eight-sided die (1d8) and a four-sided die (1d4). If you do not own such dice, fear not! There are several online die rollers, such as Invisible Castle, the dungeons and dragons website and Roll dice online. Some of those can even simulate stranger shapes of dice! Even excel can be used to simulate dice (tip: use the RANDBETWEEN function).
2. Pen and paper: For keeping notes and such. A text editor such as word will also work.

Below you will find adventures you can play. In them, you will take the role of a character chosen by you from a number of options. You will have the chance to customize your character, and he or she will develop by facing challenges throughout the story. The rules for character development are loosely based on the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game and can be found here. However, you don’t need to have any knowledge of the rules or experience with role-playing to start playing the stories listed below. In fact, playing should be a good way to learn those and get a rough idea of what role-playing is.

So go ahead and click one of the links below. With skill, cleverness and luck, your character will avoid death and overcome perils to become a powerful individual in Svorinn.

Enter Svorinn

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