The political prisoner

Once a person of importance and power, the political prisoner has been held in Holgrath’s dungeons for six years. The political prisoner may have been a noble, a once-popular officer, a scholar or a merchant wealthy enough to buy influence. The future seemed bright for this man or woman, but failed machinations, the acquisition of powerful enemies or simply bad luck have resulted in his or her imprisonment. This person still has friends in high places, so execution was deemed an inappropriate punishment.

The political prisoner can be customized by picking a character class. Your PC’s class is akin to a profession. There are four character classes available for the political prisoner: merchant, noble, officer and scholar. The merchant relies on skills, and his / her powers of persuasion in particular, to overcome difficulties. He (or she) is not suited for front-line combat, but is competent enough with a crossbow. The noble can inspire allies and hamper enemies, and can hold his (or her) own on the battlefield. The officer resembles the noble but is more combat-oriented. Finally, the scholar relies on his / her extensive knowledge to deal with difficult situations. A summary of the strengths and weaknesses of each class is given below.

The merchant lacks a warrior’s training, and can thus only use the lightest armors and the simplest weapons. However, he (or she) is quite capable with a crossbow, shooting bolts from a distance. More importantly, the merchant possesses great skill and cunning, especially in dealing with money and other people.

The noble, once a privileged man or woman of high birth, is trained in the use of most weapons and armors. But the noble’s true talents lie in convincing others, inspiring allies and intimidating enemies.

The officer is a highly trained warrior, able to use all kinds of armors, shields and weapons. In addition, the officer is an authority in matters of strategy and tactics. As a result, the officer is usually able to convince allies that his or her plan of action is the most effective.

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The political prisoner

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