The native

For reasons best known to you, you have recently ended up in Holgrath’s prisons. Perhaps you attempted to escape the city. Maybe you stole something and were discovered later or caught during the act. Or maybe you got in a fight with a Demerian soldier. Whatever the reason, the natives of Svorinn were never treated well in Holgrath. You were thrown into the city’s dungeons until an appropriate punishment was decided. This happened more than a week ago, but as no-one has shown any interest in you or in any other prisoner, you suspect that the authorities have forgotten you.

Sailor’s Stone, the native’s city (Image from Jon Hodgson)

The native can be a warrior, a small-time thief, a thug, a traveler from a distant village or a merchant who happened to be in Holgrath at a bad time. You can in this way customize your character by picking a character class. Your PC’s class is akin to a profession. For the native, there are four character classes available: barbarian, merchant, ranger or rogue. Below is a brief outline of the strengths and weaknesses of each class.

The barbarian is a fearsome warrior who focuses on offense over defense. His (or her) signature power, the barbarian rage, is a battle frenzy which temporarily increases strength and constitution, but makes the barbarian more reckless in fights.

The merchant lacks a warrior’s training, and can thus only use the lightest armors and the simplest weapons. However, he (or she) is quite capable with a crossbow, shooting bolts from a distance. More importantly, the merchant possesses great skill and cunning, especially in dealing with money and other people.

The ranger is a capable combatant who specializes in a narrow fighting style (e.g. archery, two-weapon fighting etc), foregoing the use of heavy armor. The ranger is most at home in the wilderness, and may also serve as a great hunter, a tracker or a guide.

The rogue is highly skilled both inside and outside of combat. Outside of combat, the rogue’s great number of skills can help him (or her) in solving numerous and diverse tasks, ranging from manipulating others to picking locks or setting traps. In combat, the rogue is an opportunist, relaying on allies or stealth to defeat enemies. Less skilled in weapons and armor than a trained warrior, the rogue is more likely to be bested in a fair fight.

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The native

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