The fall of Holgrath-The gladiator

As the siege of Holgrath dragged on, its Demerian defenders started raising concerns about the city’s slaves and gladiators. The Demerians did not need any more mouths to feed during the siege. Most of the slaves were untrained in fighting, and thus not worth to conscribe. On the other hand, the gladiators, while trained in combat, posed a threat to the Demerians for this very reason. Eventually, the Demerians decided to send both groups to prison, until the siege was broken.

Enter the arena (Image from I, gladiator)

As a gladiator, your character is trained in the use of weapons and armor and is a very competent fighter. The gladiator is focused on melee and ranged combat; as such, most gladiators are not very skilled in much else.

You can customize your gladiator by picking a character class. Your PC’s class is akin to a profession. For the gladiator, there are three character classes available: barbarian, fighter and skirmisher. Below is a brief outline of the strengths and weaknesses of each class.

The barbarian focuses on offense over defense. His (or her) signature power, the barbarian rage, is a battle frenzy which temporarily increases strength and constitution, but makes the barbarian more reckless in fights.

The fighter is a highly versatile warrior who is trained in the use of the heaviest armors, the largest shields and a wide array of weapons. The fighter receives more feats than any other class, special abilities that reflect training in various areas of expertise (e.g. archery, fighting with a shield etc).

The skirmisher forgoes the use of heavy armor, favoring finesse and speed over brute force. The skirmisher can attack faster than other warriors, but his or her attacks deal less damage. In addition, the skirmisher has a wider range of skills than the barbarian or the fighter in tasks that do not involve combat (e.g. acrobatics, intimidation etc).

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The fall of Holgrath-The gladiator

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