The fall of Holgrath-Gladiator (skirmisher)

The Pathfinder role-playing system can be a bit complicated at times. The good news is that you don’t need to be worried about it, as you will be slowly guided through the rules while playing this adventure.

The abilities of player characters are typically represented with a collection of numbers. These numbers are contained in a character sheet or statistics block.

Your gladiator has initial statistics shown below. Please copy-paste the following statistics block to a text editor (such as Microsoft Word) and keep it handy throughout the adventure. Your PC’s abilities will change throughout the story, depending on your decisions.

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The gladiator
Level 1 Human Skirmisher

Alignment: Neutral

Initiative +0 ♦ Senses Perception +0


Hit points: 10/10

Protective items: Prisoner’s clothes (+0 to armor)

Armor class: 10; Flat-footed: 10; Touch: 10

Saving throws

Fortitude: +2; Reflex: +2; Will: +0


Speed: 7 squares

Weapons: None

Melee attacks: Fist (attack 1d20+1; damage 1d3; critical 20/x2)

Ranged attacks: None


Strength: 10; Dexterity: 10; Constitution: 10; Intelligence: 10; Wisdom: 10; Charisma: 10

Base attack bonus: +1; Combat maneuver bonus: +1; Combat maneuver defense: 11

Special powers: Finesse: The skirmisher can use his (or her) dexterity modifier (instead of the strength modifier) on attack rolls, if attacking with a light weapon or a one-handed melee piercing weapon. He (or she) must be wearing light armor or no armor. Fast attack: When making a full-attack action while also using finesse, the skirmisher can attack one additional time. All attacks take a -2 penalty while doing so. All attacks add only half the skirmisher's strength bonus to damage rolls (round down).

Spells: None

Feat slots: 1

Feats: None

Skill slots: 7

Skills: Acrobatics +0; Appraise +0; Bluff +0; Climb +0; Diplomacy +0; Disable Device +0; Disguise +0; Escape Artist +0; Handle Animal +0; Heal +0; Intimidate +0; Knowledge (arcana) +0; Knowledge (dungeoneering) +0; Knowledge (engineering) +0; Knowledge (geography) +0; Knowledge (history) +0; Knowledge (local) +0; Knowledge (nature) +0; Knowledge (nobility) +0; Knowledge (planes) +0; Knowledge (religion) +0; Linguistics +0; Perception +0; Ride +0; Sense Motive +0; Sleight of Hand +0; Spellcraft +0; Stealth +0; Survival +0; Swim 0; Use Magic Device +0

Languages: Common (Demerian)

Other items: None

The fall of Holgrath-Gladiator (skirmisher)

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