The acolyte

A few days ago, the acolyte’s temple was visited by a gravely wounded soldier. The acolyte tended to his wounds, saving him from certain death. This was only the beginning in a string of unlucky coincidences. The soldier proved to be a deserter and a coward. His superior officer was able to find him and, after punishing the soldier, the acolyte was sent to prison for harboring the renegade.

The acolytes’ procession (Image from Rhys Griffiths)

As an acolyte, your character is familiar with the tenets of many religions, most notably his or her own. The acolyte is an expert (or at least proficient) in dealing with disease and injury. Most importantly, the acolyte claims connection to a deity who grants favor and powers through prayer and meditation.

You can customize your acolyte by picking a character class. Your PC’s class is akin to a profession. For the acolyte, there are two character classes available: cleric and paladin. The cleric focuses on divine magic, while the paladin is very skilled in fighting. Below is a brief outline of the strengths and weaknesses of each class.

The cleric can fight, although he or she would probably be bested by a gladiator or well-trained warrior. His (or her) real power is spell-casting. The cleric has access to magic spells granted by a deity that can empower allies, hinder enemies, heal the wounded or smite the unbelievers.

The paladin is a warrior of formidable prowess, the result of intensive training, divine favor or both. Although the paladin has fewer supernatural powers than the cleric or the priest, he or she is capable of using the heaviest armors and a wide range of weapons. The paladin is devoted to both order and goodness, and must uphold a strict code of conduct. As a result, the paladin is particularly adept at routing out evil.

The priest, like the cleric, relies on spells to overcome difficulties. Although the priest is frail and mostly untrained in fighting, his or her magic is the most advanced of the three. In addition, the priest (unlike the cleric and paladin) has a wide and diverse array of skills that do not involve fighting (such as convincing others or broad knowledge of various fields).

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The acolyte

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