Kingdom: Quar-Hadash
Capital: Batrya
Other notable settlements: (Under construction)
Ruler: Master Rector Dimitrius Carbo (in name only)
Races: Primarily human
Languages: Common, Quar-Hadashi
Religion: Polytheism (worship of Annon-baal)
Imports: Silver, lead, tin ore, slaves
Exports: Bronze (monopoly), grain, tin (distributor), silver (distributor), dye, finely embroidered textiles, faience, alabaster, wine, dried fruits
Government: Currently republic; plutocracy before being annexed to the Demerian Empire
Technology: Advanced
Magic: Uncommon
Army: Powerful navy

The kingdom of Quar-Hadash is the most prosperous of the southern provinces of the Demerian Empire. Once a powerful nation of her own, Quar-Hadash has a long history of commerce and constitutes an economic powerhouse in the region.

Quar-Hadash shares borders with Ennon to the West, Ixia to the East and Kadraya to the South. The Inner Sea extends to her north, separating her lands from those of the northern provinces. The elven kingdom of Amathea is her closest neighbor across the sea, easily reachable by ship.

Across the Inner Sea, Quar-Hadash is famous for her enormous fleet of trade vessels. Batryan triremes, the quintessential ships of the Quar-Hadashi trade fleet, can be sighted from all corners of the empire. Dozens of ships sail to and from Batrya on a daily basis, using the artificial port of Katium, which is considered to be one of the wonders of civilization. The nation has built its wealth and power on manufacture and commerce, importing ore and other raw materials from lands to the south and exporting or distributing bronze, tin, silver and other goods throughout the empire. Of particular note are luxury products such as finely embroidered textiles and dried fruits, the quality of which is famous throughout Demeria.

Quar-Hadash is also blessed with fertile soil along its coastline. Large fields of wheat lie not far from the shore, while date palms grow closer to the sea. In recent times, Quar-Hadash has become a major supplier of grain for Demeria, using its trade fleet to transport large amounts of food to the capital of the empire.

The capital of Quar-Hadash is Batrya, a coastal city built on a large peninsula with several natural harbors. The city itself is an international metropolis and a melting pot of cultures. Centuries of prosperity have resulted in the accumulation of wealth which is evident even to the casual observer. While there are many notable places in Batrya, two stand out. One is Katium, a large, artificial harbor that leads to a circular shipyard. The harbor is reserved only for trading vessels carrying the most valuable of commodities and, in times of war, is the stronghold of the kingdom’s navy. Of course, the city is also known for its numerous, open-air marketplaces. It is said that a traveler can buy anything he desires in the marketplaces of Batrya, and even ice from Svorinn can be found under the scorching sun of the capital.

While the nation has a strong tradition in naval warfare, its infantry and cavalry is much inferior. In fact, Quar-Hadash has heavily relied on mercenaries from the neighboring land of Ixia for its ground troops throughout its recent history. When the governors of Quar-Hadash realized the danger posed by the expanding Demerian Empire, they did not seek conflict. Instead, they saw an opportunity. The Demerian Empire had managed, through military might, to unify the nations around the Inner Sea and had established a common currency. The Demerians had unwittingly provided the perfect conditions for trade to flourish, and Quar-Hadash seized the chance to expand her niche. A proposal was made. There would be no war, which would inflict huge losses in lives and commodities on both kingdoms. Instead, Demeria would annex Quar-Hadash, but they would impose favorable taxation, which would allow the kingdom to thrive. Eventually, a deal was reached, and Quar-Hadash was annexed without a single drop of blood being spilled.

Today, Quar-Hadash is a province of the Demerian empire. It is governed by Master Rector Dimitrius Carbo, but the man is ruler only in name. The capital’s wealthy merchants still hold a lot of sway, and the political games of Demeria take second seat to their schemes and power struggles.


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