(Written by Kyoh)


An orphaned street urchin, Griff is a lanky teen who has a dozen shopkeepers looking to strangle him, thanks to his light fingers. He is another friend that Elana made during her unsupervised outings, and he is the only man that Bormund will tolerate to hang around her; not to say the dwarf doesn’t give Griff the old stink eye every time he sees him. Griff is a skittish lad at best, but he knows how to get into places he wasn’t meant to, and how to get things that aren’t his.

He’s helped Elana sneak in and out of Grey Hold countless times. Griff shows Elana what it’s like on the streets and sates her innate curiosity of things by getting them to off limit places and finding her interesting things. It’s not really a secret that he is infatuated with her, but Elana seems oblivious to this.


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