Claudie Anita Amour


((Sorry for the Cersei Lannister photo, but when I think manipulative, blonde, woman she was the only one who seemed to fit properly. Also the expression in the photo works perfectly for who Claudie is as a person.))


Still unwed at the age of 26, Claudie is ambition married with talent. She and her brother share much of their physical appearance despite having a father who looks completely different than the pair, and having two different mothers. Her skill in diplomacy rivals that of her father, and as a woman she frequently uses preconceived notions about her gender against her enemies, feigning innocence and vulnerability, only to snatch power away from those caught off guard. While never matching her father’s skill with a blade, she has amazing speed and talent with throwing daggers. Despite being a politically devastating opponent she is seen as very kind to most people who don’t try to hinder her ambitions, a byproduct of her father’s teachings on manipulating those around her. Her relationship with her brother is dysfunctional to say the least. When she finally realized at the age of eleven why her father had stopped training her she became bitter towards the infant Jules. Never showing her hate in public, she confined herself to secret plots against the boy’s life. This was all finally resolved when he was sent overseas to Svorinn, but with the reactivation of the trading post he was put in charge of, she has started to worry that his threat to her may not yet be resolved.

Claudie Anita Amour

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