(Written by Malcom347, edited by Svorinn)

Kingdom: Ketsueki
Capital: Shingahari
Other notable settlements: (Pending)
Ruler: (Pending)
Races: (Pending)
Languages: Common, Ketsueki
Religion: (Pending)
Imports: (Pending)
Exports: (Pending)
Government: (Pending)
Technology: (Pending)
Magic: (Pending)
Army: (Pending)

As explained by Subaru Takashi – Demeria

“Demeria is a very different place than Svorinn. We have thick culture which weighs on us in our day to day lives. Our traditions are older than time, older than books… older than words. How should I explain my country to you?” She pauses for a moment and scratches her head with her hand. Like a dog with its paw, “Well, first I should say, like Svorinn, there are many cold places, but where there are cold places there are also warm places. Demeria has many long islands with high mountaintops. Rugged and harsh terrain. There are many more stories about the land as there are about my country. It snows in the mountains and the surrounding areas, while the little of the flat lands we have rarely experience any.”

Subaru yawns very animatedly, moving her entire head through the yawn, “There are five regions, Sueon, Roaeon, Maeon, Orceon and Tsueon. Tsueon is the largest, and is its own gigantic island. While Roaeon is the smallest and is also an island. Between them is an island split by the remaining three regions, Sueon, Maeon and Orceon. Our capital, Shingahari, resides in Sueon, along with our Emperor.”

She laughs openly after mentioning the Emperor, “The Emperor used to hold great power within our country. Recently, within the last one to two hundred years his power has diminished to nothing, or at least his control of the country. You see. We believe, or… we used to anyways, that there was one lineage of people born of the gods, and they were made Emperor of the lands. For years they have sat on the Crimson Throne, ruling like one of your kings… but on a much higher level. No one would dare disrespect the Emperor, for it meant that your afterlife would be served in… Well, there’s no direct translation for it, but it would be served in Thruougahai. A place of much suffering for the wicked. But that all changed when a warlord, Tsukasa, challenged the Emperor’s rule. Both of their forces gathered and fought within the Imperial City. The siege lasted 13 days, but only 12 nights. The Imperial city is divided into 7 districts, 6 outer districts, and one where the Emperor lives. You must fight through all 7 Districts to reach the Emperor, and his army is one of the most well trained. The 7 Imperial Courtyard Squads is what they are called in your language. Each of them more fierce than the next. With the Seventh squad never failing in battle. That is… until Tsukasa attacked. At the end of the siege the Emperor begged for his life and was given mercy. From that day on, he holds no power. Now several warlords vie for power over our country. Each warring with one another, forming alliances, breaking them. One day a new ruler will emerge. Who it will be… I don’t know.”

“One thing to know about my country is that status is everything. At the top sits the Warlord, or Emperor. Below him are his house lords, who father large families which provide many children for the warlord to use for work or war. Below them are Samurai, or as you’d call them, Knights. They are the only low-born people who are allowed to own land and servants. Next in line are soldiers, followed by workers. And lastly… Women.” She looks to Elana and Eva, “We do not have many rights in Demeria. We do not choose who we marry, what our jobs are, how many children we will have, we live to be obedient servants to our lord, our husband, and our sons.”

“As status is everything, so are your manners and how you treat others. A samurai may decide a man has wronged him, and execute him immediately on the spot. Even plain workers could strike a woman if they pleased and I was supposed to take that. Hah.” She laughs both with her voice and her body, “No, I hid myself and became what I wanted to be. A warrior, a samurai. And I was soveti good at it.” She gives a loud and proud howl at the remark, “Hah, sorry my friends, soveti is… slang, its a curse word. Needless to say I was very good at war. So much that I got whatever I wanted and more. Women, gold, armor, weapons, food… It was wonderful for a while…”

She looks around the group realizing she’s given a bit more than she had intended to. “Well… Perhaps I’ll explain some traditions and games later, yeah?”


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