Tribune's chainmail


Name: Tribune’s chainmail (Markus’ armor)
Cost: 1300 gp
Armor bonus: +7
Maximum dexterity bonus: +2
Armor check penalty: -4
Arcane spell failure: 30%
Speed adjustment: 20 ft / 15 ft
Weight: 40 lbs
Special properties: Masterwork, +1 enhancement bonus


Chainmail-also known as lorica hamata amongst soldiers of the Demerian Empire-is the armor of choice for many veterans and wealthy soldiers. Many appreciate the superior protection this piece of equipment confers, which is well-worth the added price. Although heavier types of armor are not unheard of within the Demerian armies, they are extremely rare and are typically reserved for wealthy nobles or elite guard units.

This suit of chainmail armor is the work of a gifted armorsmith and has been specifically made for Markus Naevius, Tribune and former commander of Legion XIII. The general, who in his later years became a rebel, met his end at the hands of loyalists during a battle in Andelia. His armor has been passed on to one of his comrades, thus serving as a symbol for the revolution.

Tribune's chainmail

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