Secutor's head


Name: Secutor’s head
Cost: 1000 gp
Armor bonus: +1 (stacks with body armor); +3 for confirming critical hits against the wearer.
Maximum dexterity bonus: N/A
Armor check penalty: 0
Arcane spell failure: 0%
Speed adjustment: None
Weight: 3 lbs
Special properties: -3 to perception when worn with the visor lowered. Wearer cannot drink potions while the visor is lowered. If the visor is lifted (a move action that provokes AoOs), all benefits and penalties for wearing the helmet are eliminated (e.g. wearer can drink potions). Removing the helmet completely is a full-round action.


This gladiator’s helm once belonged to Markus Naevius, Tribune of the Demerian military and commander of Legion XIII in his youth. In his later years, the distinguished soldier and tactician served as leader of the Svorinn rebellion for a little while, during the movement’s infancy. Alas, the poor commander fell to a ballista bolt during the siege at the East Gate, where rebel forces sought to prevent loyalists and legionaries from taking Upper Andelia.

The helmet, despite its impressive appearance and sturdy craftsmanship, is somewhat impractical to use on the battlefield, because it impedes sight and hearing significantly. Nevertheless, it is a distinctive piece of equipment, and that is probably the reason why the tribune chose to wear it in combat. If one thing can be said with certainty about this helm, is that it makes anyone who wears it instantly recognizable.

The helm covers the face completely when its visor is lowered. The eye holes on its front have a multifaceted appearance not unlike that of insect compound eyes, giving the wearer a disturbing and intimidating look. Additionally, when the helm is worn and its visor is lowered over the face, the warrior’s voice is completely altered, giving the impression that he is speaking from the deaths of a cave carved out of iron.

Secutor's head

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