Name: Name-breaker
Current owner: Grunur Rooinnir
Cost: Unknown
Shield bonus: +2
Maximum dexterity bonus: N/A
Armor check penalty: 0
Arcane spell failure chance: 15%
Speed: N/A
Weight: 5 lbs
Special properties: Masterwork, made of light wood, has a list of names with causes of death on its back.


This shield is made of light, yet sturdy wood. It bears neither marks nor sigils on it, but on its back side, close to its enarmes, there are writings. The words list several names, with causes of death next to them. This short memoir of violent demises reveals several things about the shield’s previous owner. Firstly, he was an Ixian warrior; secondly, he must have been superstitious; thirdly, he must have known how to read and write and fourthly, he must have lived through several battles, witnessing many deaths whilst managing to survive. Indeed, many Ixian warriors believe that writing the names of those slain in battle protects the wielder from a finding a similar end. How the shield found its way to Svorinn is a baffling mystery.

While the shield does not appear to be magical, those with skill in the arcane can detect telltale traces of a previous enchantment. The energies have faded almost completely, although perhaps the item’s true powers can be somehow awakened by a powerful sorcerer.


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