Four mysterious potions


The potions grant a permanent +1 increase to the drinker’s highest ability score, but at the same time the user suffers a permanent -1 decrease in his or her lowest ability score.


Given to you by a half-crazed old witch who calls herself Auntie Helga, these four potions could contain powerful magic, but they might as well be a highly drastic laxative or, even worse, poison. It is up to you to discover what the liquid in each flask does.

(The following text is taken directly from the game)

“One contains a whitish liquid; she hands that to Malcom. The other looks empty, but close inspection reveals a transparent fluid; she hands that to Caithas. The third contains what appear to be flames; she hands the bottle to Elana. The final seems to be an ever-sparkling yellow liquid; she gives it to Jules.”

Four mysterious potions

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