Elven mother of Caithas Thalorrn


Qiiliana hailed from the old lands, deep in the Empire’s forests. Like her parents, she was a skilled wizard, and spent her days in study and natural reflection. She was promised to a promising young scholar named Juasan and her father was busy preparing for the elaborate ceremony when she came upon Cyan Thalornn, a human ranger, tracking a rugged boar deep in the woods.

Qiiliana was used to quiet study; she was used to meditation and concentration. She was unused to passion; she was unprepared for fire. The hows and the whys are blurred by time and memory, but one thing is certain: Qiiliana returned home satisfied, exhausted, blushing, and unbeknownst to her, pregnant with the human’s child.

Her father was outraged when her belly began to grow. Her betrothed, having never lain with a woman, was shamed and disgusted. Her people turned their backs and excommunicated Qiiliana without a word.

The last time anyone on this known earth saw Qiiliana was decades ago, when she emerged from the woods, bearing a half-elven babe in her arms, handed the child to a stunned ranger, and vanished into the trees once more.



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