Jeenan Hyain

Caithas's "Uncle"


Jeenan Hyain was no one’s uncle.

He was a sworn brother of the wood, a ranger with neither kin nor home, and a colleage of Cyan’s. He called Cyan “brother” and the half-elf bastard would call him “uncle”. It is written.

Jeenan walked the paths that Cyan tracked, but where Cyan succumbed to madness, Jeenan just continued on. He had known Caithas as a boy, quiet, sharp, weak. He walked a different path.

The “Uncle” travled the realms, crossing seas, charting, exploring, always moving. He arrived in Svorinn some years ago, his old contacts say, but he has never surfaced there. He was known, but no longer.


Jeenan Hyain

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